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Arts Leader & Advocate.
Non-Profit Administrator.

Programs Director, National New Play Network
Winner, Elliott Hayes Award
for Outstanding Achievement
in Dramaturgy

"I'm so grateful to have worked with and learned from Anne. She is the mastermind of systems: she designs and optimizes elegant systems for script submissions, new pages, training mentees; she is the organizational queen you want mapping your play in post-it notes. But that comes from not just rigor but care. The literary office always had a pot of coffee going (even though Anne doesn't drink it!) because she understands how to take care of people--and how that care creates a friendly, open space for creativity. Anne is humble, hard-working, funny, compassionate, and sharp as a tack. Working alongside her made me want to hold myself to a higher standard--and steal her shoe collection."

- Molly FitzMaurice, Managing Producer,

The Tank

Work With Me

Whether you're a playwright working on a new draft, a teacher looking to expand your offerings,

or a theatre company searching for

a better way to sort though that

pile of plays, I am a curious and creative collaborator.

Reasonable rates and flexible payment options.

"Theatres should be seen not as locked, monolithic tomes, but like new plays. They are the embodiment of a dream that has been practically realized, if only in part; a work constantly under revision; an offering to the greater theatrical community for reactions; and a contribution to the work that will come after, and alongside"

Questions? Queries?

Collaboration? Conversation?

Let's Chat!


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